Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reality TV..

Apparently , having a reality TV show is a must in the lives of the people considered to be the coolest .. I mean since Pairs Hilton and Nicole Richie had their own reality TV show “ The Simple Life” , Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had their “Newlyweds” show, and they’re talking about her sis getting her own show on MTV , Britney Spears and Kevin got “Chaotic” , Tory Spelling and Dean McDermott fell “Inn Love”, and a bunch of people have been “Living Lohan” for a while. The question is: WHY NOT ME?!
Yeah !! .. I want my own reality tv show and I’m using my blog to promote ..

On my show , you’ll get to see me sitting on the floor ,because my mom suddenly decided to change the furniture, talking on the phone . And my 21-year old brother is running back and forth in the living room jumping over my head as if I was some kind of a barrier or something.

The camera will move to my mom’s bedroom . And you’ll be extremely entertained seeing what’s going on there… don’t get me wrong ..hehe.. You’ll see my mom making a serious conversation with the tv and when you look at the tv screen , you’ll see some Lebanese politician !! If only she remembers that we’re Saudis living in Saudi Arabia, I think she would get a lil less emotional.

And now you’re watching my 19-year old sister’s sleeping rituals. She’s on her bed ready to sleep, her head almost touched the pillow but she suddenly pops up and goes directly to the dresser , opens a drawer , picks up this really weird purple lipstick and enjoys applying it on her lips perfectly .. Then goes back to bed and sleeps peacefully .. The thing is, her style in fashion and make up is not even close to this kind of lipstick , this purple color is just used before going to bed some nights .. I’ve been trying for so long to figure out the reason behind doing this but I didn’t get lucky yet.. I hope I will some day cuz it’s driving me crazy !!

Now that the new living room furniture has arrived.. You’ll see me sitting on the sofa next to my dad watching the season finale of America’s Got Talent . They just told one of the contestants that he’s not the winner and they gave him a huge flower bouquet. Everything is pretty normal up till now. But then my father would actually ask about the guy who brought the bouquet to the stage !!! I mean that guy who doesn’t get noticed except by my dad! Dad would say “who is this guy?” .. I mean what kind if a question is this?! .. Here comes my accurate answer.. Be ready to know how real smooth talkers answer questions.. I say “dad!! I cant believe your question !! For god’s sake , he is the flower bringer” .. Yes.. I actually have this weird habit of inventing names for jobs like the flower bringer. And the guy by the cashier in the supermarket would be “the money taker”. The waiter in a coffee shop would be “the coffee pourer”. The person at a registration counter would be “the information writer”. And to be fare enough I would be “the job namer” !!!

The camera will go back to my mom’s bedroom.. She’s still watching the news but this time it’s about the Somali pirates and my 16-year old sister is with her . My sister’s eyes are popping out as she looks at the tv screen.. And then she asks with extreme amazedness “ are there still pirates living in the world? And why is he wearing jeans ?
Let me clear this out for you.. In my sister brain , this is the only image that matches the word PIRATE..

And obviously this one is nothing like it..

After this glimps of what to be seen on MY reality tv show, I only hope that my viewrs will be satisfied... :)


Errant said...

That was so funny .. you're so talented girl .. that's what i call a reality tv show .. IN WORDS !!

lol .. waiting for more episodes ..

n ur sis .. Gosh i was wondering too about those Sumali pirates .. i thought like .. wow they must be some cool, hot guys !!

just watch out for ur head .. hopefully things will be fixed soon

Sth in the Air said...

you've done it gurl !!
u and ur family in a reality tv show is sth I didnt see it coming but well done hun away gd gurl keep entertain us plzzzz dont forget(abu 2thab)lol
by the way as Erran mentioned above I thought the same about Sumali pirates but when I look at the pic u post I give it a second thought ..........ewwww!

Think-Become said...

i think i'd be more than satisfied!

i'm the only guy in the house, and sometimes my sisters make these weird things.. my older sister that is living in the house, used to put red lipstick whenever she's studying for an exam, although she hates the color!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

oh my god!!!!!

its been a while since i laughed so hard!! =D

Anonymous said...

lol the pics are hilarious :D

Nora<3 said...

this is soooo funnyy!

Ego said...

errant, sth in the air..

thnx :) and let me tell u that i had the same idea about the pirates..but reality bites :p

Ego said...

think become..
glad u liked my show :)
let me tell u a lil secret..hehe.. girls really tend to do some freakish stuff through hard times like EXAMS.. my freakish thing was yellow manicure

Ego said...

dandoon, amu, nora...
really happy to see u here.. seems like my show is gonna be a success after all..:)

Um-Loai said...

HHAHAHHAH I actually laughed out loud! I love the pictures lol