Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas-Goth !

Ok I’m not much of a weddings lover but I had to attend my uncle’s wedding and it is very important to point out that it was on Christmas eve…
Ok we’re Muslims and Christmas isn’t our thing, we don’t celebrate it and all but I was surprised to see how the christmas spirit was really there in that wedding… how was it there? This is what this post is all about!

Of course when I got there with my mom and sisters my mom insisted that we step by a table where some relative are setting just to say hi and all.. ok we’re heading towards the table but am spotting something weird there .. WTF is that thing on the chair?? I ask my sis, and for my surprise she answers “that’s my uncle’s wife !! WHAT you don’t recognize her??” (other uncle's wife)
Ok , seriously !! a Goth called asking for the missing ornament from the top of his Christmas tree!!
I’ve never seen anyone in my whole life combining Christmas with Goth styles so successfully! She was wearing a red velvet dress the shape of the tree>> sooo christmasy !!
The dress has these black lace sleeves and a couple of black velvet stripes . accessorizing herself , she chose to wear a big black bead necklace. The makeup was just black eyeshadow with a touch of red the shape of a bird wing and black lipstick>>> sooo Goth!!

Here’s a portrait of the dress and necklace just to make it clear .. and please don’t think that am a lousy drawer , it really looks this hideous!

Really she should consider a job as a Halloween stylist .. I mean she’s got it!!

Then there was that guest , she was wearing these exact same shoes in gold!

Ok , you think you’ve seen these shoes before?? Yeah you’re right , they’re Elf shoes.. if you don’t believe me you can see for yourself. Here’s a pic of a Christmas card with a drawing of elf shoes. You can’t miss the resemblance , can you?!

the girl was doing these shocking crazy dance moves, i guess its the elf shoes magic lol

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

too GORGEOUS for u ?!

Hey people..

Am sure that you’ve noticed the fuss that’s happening all over the web about Adam Lambert’s “spicy” performance in the AMA!
He was supposed to be on a show aired on ABC after the AMA but guess what? They banned him from being on their network because of his “unexpected” performance!! Really?!! Unexpected? Is that the best you could come up with, losers?!
I mean why is it totally fine when what’s her face is almost performing porn on stage? Am quite sure that it was a stupid man behind this attitude , cuz as long as the unexpected stuff involve girls doing god knows what , it’s just entertainment. But when it’s a completely gorgeous guy doing a homosexual lil thing, it’s not ok at all !
And I thought that anyone who’s this gorgeous could go through anything without being stopped at any point… I mean people should thank him for looking this hot and breath- taking!! Am not all for guys in eyeliner, but have you ever seen anyone and I mean ANYONE look this hot in eyeliner?! If yes , please tell me who cuz am getting obsessed about Adam.

If you haven't got Adam's album yet, then WTF are you waiting for?!
here are my recommendations:
For Your Entertainment
If I Had You
Broken Open
Time For Miracles
Oh.. what the hell am i talking about?! the whole thing is a blast dont miss a single track.. you cant't miss the resemblence of Michael Jackson's style in the first song " Music Again " .. and it'll blow your mind thinking that the same vocal cords that function in beautiful harmony with the music in " Broken Open " are the same ones that hit the notes in " sure fire winners " and are the same that give sensational lazy pronunciation in the first couple of lines in " Strut" ..
you wouldn't wanna miss it for the world. Here's the album cover..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

am baaaaack!!

Hey everyone..

i really missed every one of you.. I haven't bloged for quite a while and that's because of this dead boring job i's been keeping me busy 24/7 and it doesnt even have a title , but not any more! i work part-time now and am happy. enough abut my job now.. i have plenty of time to tell you about it later .. am just here to tell you that am back and to check my friends' blogs cause i really miss doing that.

luv ya :)