Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well.. I’ve been away for a while for 2 main reasons:

1– I don’t know what happened to my stupid computer but thnx god I got it fixed.
2– while I was waiting for my computer to be ready to be used like hell, my sister brought this Japanese anime series DVDs that she got from her friend. And let me tell you something, I NEVER was a fan of those Japanese anime stuff. But this one !! OMG I was totally hooked , it’s called “Vampire Knight” and I spent all this time watching it :)

Speaking of which, why the hell don’t real guys look ,walk, talk, and close their eyes in the same charming and breath taking way the anime guys do??!!
Ok .. Now that I’ve said it.. It occurs to me that maybe its kinda pervert to say all that about a cartoon character but I know that every girl who has watched it has thought the same way I did, and every guy who has watched it thought why don't real girls have the same super hot bodies combined with the same most innocent looks in their eyes?. But guys will lose the part that maybe it’s a pervert way to think of a cartoon character


Think-Become said...

well it might be because we are not cartoons and not perfect :P

personally i dont like how anime characters look like!! i like ashbaaah banat likwait,, the normal ones and not the extra make up extra everything girls.. simple and elegant.

might watch this anime, i dont know.. how many episodes is it?

Ego said...

cool.. someone likes the wa6ani products lol

plz plz plz dont let me start about the extra make up thing even here in saudi.. playing fashion police when i was in college was my hobby and i arrested a lot :p

i think u should watch it , the first season is only 13 episodes and im still watching the second i dunno how many episodes there will be..

Anonymous said...

Cartoon characters are always perfect, wide puppy eyes, chopper noses, thick hair and eyebrows ... I can keep going on forever :D
I'm not a big fan of anime either, my friend made me watch "Death Note" and one episode was too much for me!

On-The-Rocks said...

hello, i have changed the address of my blog.

new blog:


Abdulrazzaq (previously think-become)

yeah i've seen fashion police, it is funny

The Extravagate said...

perfection is a bugger :P

but wont deny that i day dream sometimes *when i used to watch korean anime* that am the anime gurl whose the anime dude inlove with :P ... old days but had to wake up :P

Errant said...

i've heard about it .. a friend of mine s crazy about these kinda series .. now i'm so eager to try them ..

Kristen Andrews said...

never heard of that the cartoons I get to watch are Scooby Doo and Spongebob

Faisal F. said...

Macross 5 rocks!