Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Babygirl .. " I hope! "

Just the other day, my eyes were popping out looking through a shop window at the cutest little pink dress ever. I mean its so small that i actually wondered if it was made for real babys or it's just a sample of a real dress.

Eventually, my sister had to pull me away from that shop. That moment, I truly and deeply wished that I had a babygirl just to dress her up and after looking super cute in the clothes I got her I'll kiss her and play with her and keep myself from eating her up. I mean who can resist such sweetness.

Exactly the next afternoon I got this phone call from my best and dearest friend ever telling me that she just fount out that she's 2 months pregnant !!! I mean why didn't I just wish for a million dollars lol. But a babygirl will be just great!

I'll be her crazy aunt who teaches her all the wrong stuff that her father will wonder where his daughter is picking that from and her mom will pretend not to know and have some serious talks with me about it.

When she grows up , I'll be the one she will talk with about how cute she found that guy's smile when he was checking her out !! seriously.. did you think she's gonna say that to her mom ?! she will tell herself that she must talk to an adult about that just to be safe and in the same time this adult should be crazy , and who else would that be? I'm the one for it.

I keep talking about the baby as if I'm sure it's a girl. If he turns out to be a boy , I'll love him too and I'll go shopping for him as well . But then I'll have to get married and have my own babygirl that will turn up to be super cute and mean at the same time and eventually he will end up marrying her 'cause she's just irresistible.


Anonymous said...

Oh God!!

Is that you talking or me!!

Girl you said it all, I wanna have a baby girl myself. Wanna, no but I am dying to have one to let her wear all the pinkish stuff in the world!!

Ego said...

aren't the lil babygirls and their amazingly small clothes the most adorable thing in the world or what?

whenever i go shopping i get desire to by those cute dresses but i just back out when i remeber there's no one to weare them .. hopefully, soon there will be :)

thnx for passing by and do it again plz ..

Sth in the Air said...

since all the cutest and the nicest clothes on earth are for the girls of course I hope it will be a baby girl ;)
Ego if I were her and If I had a gd friend as you I wouldn't only let her buy pinkish cute lil dresses I would give her the baby to have her all > laa walla hahah