Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year... New Attitude..

Another page of my book was turned over, and I'm wondering if the next page will be any different

I know I've changed in a way , I know I'm adapting this Attitude that makes finally stop looking at my reflection in the mirror and wish that I'm a different person. I'm learning to stand up for myself. And just stand in the face of any one who is trying to make me think less of myself or even trying to take credit of what is becoming of me.. I'm ME because I'VE worked for it and earned it. From now on you wont find ears to hear your crap around here!!

I'm learning that standing up for myself and for my rights doesn't make me a bad person at all. And tolerating other people's mistakes and forgiving them when I have the right not to, is just generosity and not a social obligation.. First, people will find it just abnormal of me doing this since I'm the kinda person who doesn't make a big deal out of anything, actually I'm the kind of a person who makes fun of everything .So to be taken seriously, hearing people around me saying "God !! she's turning evil!!" is just a small price.

Since I'm changing my attitude, why not change my room to a more sunny one, change the way I dress up and get a different style not that I don't like my current one, change the job I'm looking for and expand my visions for my career, and why not change some friends along the way ..!


Nani_37 said...

Happy New Year :)

Looks like you got a set plan for the new year. A lot of changes to be made. Just out of curiosity, do you intend to tackle them one by one, or as parallels?

Ego said...

Happy New Year..

well.. it's not as much of a plan as it is a self-awareness..

a person deals with such things each situation at its time :)

Errant said...

maybe .. "God, she is STILL evil" is likely to be heard around next year .. lol

good luck with your changes .. of everything!!!

wish you a life full of smiles, hugs, and red roses :)

Lisa said...

A year for changes it is then! Be strong.

Ego said...


some friends just know how precious and irreplaceable they are .. I know you are one of those and every friend that you and I have in common is one of them too..

Its just when u r away from some of your old friends for a while then you meet them again you realise what kept away all that time..

and hey!! i'm not evil!! I'm just sarcastic in my own way .. lol

thnx for the smiles and hugs .. but the roses.. umm.. can u make'em white?! :)

yes it is.. and i already started..thnx for passing by :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year :)

Sth in the Air said...

hey there Evil Tulip ;)
changes somtimes are important but not necessarily good as I see here hahaha