Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mr. Creep

I thinks its about time I start talking about this job of mine but please don’t even think about asking me what exactly it is that am doing cuz I’ve got no clue!

The work environment is like the ultimate mixture of “The Office” and “Ugly Betty” 
And as you may know , its like any other work place in this country, there’s a male-side and a female-side, each with different staff and boss and everything..
I’ll leave talking about all that for later posts .. today I’ll just focus on the wannabe boss. The regional manager of the male side is totally dying to boss the female employees, especially that they’re all singles. Some of them are stupid enough to treat him like a boss , they just keep forgetting that we have our own freak boss. for us he’s just another ugly employee.

So he’s our Daniel meade (ugly Betty’s boss). As you can see, they’re almost the same .. they’re both huge womanizers, have their own effect on women, and with a shiny and obvious sense of fashion!!! In fact you may say that the only difference is that our Daniel takes good care of his eyes and he’s got some distinguished stalking skills, the man is a total creep, like if u skip work one day and go for a cuppa coffee, you’ll definitely run into him in starbucks or if you go shopping you’ll find him in the mall, I guess even if you go to your gramma you’ll find him paying her a visit.. I’ll tell the girls to try that and see what happens!

I wish I could get u a bigger picture of this beauty but this is all I could steal from his facebook account. And in case you’re wondering how am I not worried about posting his personal pic in here , I’ll tell you its for the following reasons:
*He’s totally not into blogging, so I don’t think he’ll ever see this.
*Even if he ever came across my blog, he wouldn’t understand half of what am saying here and he’d probably think that there’s a hot mysteries girl with a huge crush on him that she’s posting his pic on her page!! Believe me … his self-esteem is that high!
*Even if he understood that I trash talked him, he wouldn’t do anything about it cuz ppl here don’t know its an option to sue over something like this.. so am ok :D

he could really relate to this song (RADIOHEAD - CREEP) .. i love it.. thnx Dwight for the song ;P