Friday, January 30, 2009

Honesty Tag..

I got tagged by dear Nani_37

Seems like I have to say 10 honest things about myself and tag others and thank God nani didn’t say how much ppl I gotta tag :)

Here we go..

1 when I have the house all for myself the first thing I do is DANCE . I dunno why I do this but the first thing I do is going straight to the stereo and pump up the volume and start dancing like crazy and singing my head off. I pretty much have my own party..

2 I usually tend to be sarcastic sometimes maybe too sarcastic that it annoy others. Sometimes I really don’t mean to annoy them and some other times I actually do :p

3 I crave ice cream most of the time.. You can’t understand ppl , I mean I love ice cream like I love my mom.. I love it so much that sometimes I wish I have a swimming pool full of ice cream .. Crazy , I know .. lol

4 my ultimate favorite thing to watch especially when I’m in a bad mood is “The Simpsons” .. I just loooove these hilarious yellow fellows .. They’re funny and mean , what more can I ask for.

5 I have the weirdest mood swings ever , one minute I’m having a blast and the second I snap at anyone talking to me in a pretty sharp temper … I honestly don’t know why I do that and a lot of times I regret it :(

6 when Bruce Willis is on TV I just can’t take my eyes off the screen , I can’t even blink!!.. I know he’s old and all , but his smile OH MY GOD!! And the attitude OH MY GOD!! Everything about him OH MY GOD!!

7 I love music a lot but.. I truly HATE watching music videos especially the ones that contain a lot of slow motion stuff.. Sooo lame!

8 I have a passion for magazines!! I can’t go to a supermarket without stopping by the magazine stand, and the moment I lay my eyes on a magazine stand I just can’t leave without buying at least one or two, I just can’t resist ..

9 I secretly and constantly wish that one way or another I slip into a comma and wake up at least after three years, maybe some things will be different then..

10 I have a huge collection of books because reading is one of my favorite things to do in life . But the weird thing about me is I really love books with beautiful covers and sometimes I unconsciously buy books just because they have pretty covers and I find out later that they are not good or not my type of reading!! I also love to buy perfumes with pretty bottles !!

Ok, now that I’m done with my list, its time to tag

I’ll tag:

The extravagate
Living my life
Sth in the air
And Errant though I know you’ve already done it but do it again with 10 new things :p

U guys gotta write 10 honest things about yourself and tag at least four other ppl...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reality TV (2)

Statistics showed that my reality tv show was such a success, therefore the decision has been made to publish a second episode.. And here it goes..

It all starts when my father somehow finds out that my sister skipped 2 classes this week so he lets her know in a very clear and loud tone that she’s grounded , no friends, no gym, no malls till the end of her finals. She storms into the room to find me and my little sister watching tv. She closes the door the way you close the door when you want to share a secret, and says “ok, that’s it. I can’t take it any more.. I wanna be free , do whatever I want, go wherever I want, and study whatever the hell I want .. And its not happening in this house.. Girls don’t you see! They are totally controlling us! We have to live somewhere else! Like for example ITALY!!!!!”
And of course me and my little sister are laughing like crazy , I mean seriously.. ITALY?!
She takes off her shoes and starts making a plan to escape to Italy..

She starts talking to me saying “ ok , you know how to transfer money from dad’s bank account to your account cuz you know all the numbers and stuff right?”
I say “right”
She says “ so you should wait until we go to Jeddah in the weekend and you transfer as much money as you can , half to your account and half to mine” then she looks at my little sister and says “ don’t worry , we’ll give you some”

Now she’s talking to both of us continuing her plan “then we have to go to the mall cuz it’s the only place that allows us to be as late as we want and our family wont even expect us to go home early so they wont be checking on us or anything.. You see , we don’t really have to go to the mall , we’ll just tell them that that’s where we’re going. But in fact we’re going to the airport”
Me and my little sister are still laughing..

She goes to details now “ look girls, if you want some other place suite yourself but I’m going to Italy. Anyway , we’ll need to change our names.. Ummm.. Mine will be Guadalupe. and if any one of you tow goes to another country and I want to call her , I should first make sure that the family didn’t find her and then find me when I call her. So I’ll text her first just saying “Guada” and if I get a text back saying “lupe” I’ll know its you girls”

I really don’t know why does that has to be her new name.. I think it’s because of too much exposure to Mexican tv series in her childhood. So I think when the next Arab generations have such plans they’ll use Turk names ..

Going back to her details “ and I’ll buy a belly dance suite and pack it in my hand bag , so when we’re close to Italy , I’ll wear it and when we land in Italy , I’ll dance my way down the plane stairs celebrating my freedom
Me and my little sister are still laughing and she leaves the room with every intention to put her plan to work.

In another day you’ll see me suddenly kick the blanket and stand up on the bed holding the alarm clock in my hand exactly like this..

Then after freezing like that for minutes , I storm out of the room screaming out loud “ OH MY GOD !!.. OH MY GOD!! .. OH MY GOD!!.. It’s 6 and my final exam is 8 and I didn’t study anything , not even one word! ..OH MY GOD .. IT’S 6 .. How could I sleep all that time?? How? How? HOOOOOW?!!!!”
My sister looks at me till I finish all the drama then says “you crazy person ! Look at the window, it’s 6:00 pm

The camera is back to my room , but now it’s 3:00 am and I’m closing my book and going to bed all ready for the final tomorrow..
After a while.. It’s 3:40 and I’m still up and all I can hear is TIC .. TOK.. TIC.. TOK the fuckin clock on the wall.. I try to keep it off my mind and it’s starting to work .. Finally I’ll get some sleep.. But now it’s 4:10 and I can hear a dog barking in the street so I start thinking about how dogs live out there in streets .. Poor things.. The dog keeps barking and now I’m thinking “ok.. It’s not a big deal, it’ll stop now” but it keeps going on and on and on and my anger is building up.. Now I’m pressing the pillow tight on my head but still I can hear it barking.. now it’s 5:00 am and I get off my bed in one move and open the window and stick almost all the upper half of my body out and shout my head off “SHUT UUUUUUUP YOU FUCKIN DOOOG!!!!” and it actually shuts up :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well.. I’ve been away for a while for 2 main reasons:

1– I don’t know what happened to my stupid computer but thnx god I got it fixed.
2– while I was waiting for my computer to be ready to be used like hell, my sister brought this Japanese anime series DVDs that she got from her friend. And let me tell you something, I NEVER was a fan of those Japanese anime stuff. But this one !! OMG I was totally hooked , it’s called “Vampire Knight” and I spent all this time watching it :)

Speaking of which, why the hell don’t real guys look ,walk, talk, and close their eyes in the same charming and breath taking way the anime guys do??!!
Ok .. Now that I’ve said it.. It occurs to me that maybe its kinda pervert to say all that about a cartoon character but I know that every girl who has watched it has thought the same way I did, and every guy who has watched it thought why don't real girls have the same super hot bodies combined with the same most innocent looks in their eyes?. But guys will lose the part that maybe it’s a pervert way to think of a cartoon character