Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mrs. Freak

Confusing huh?!
Well.. that’s how you’d feel around my “female” boss. I guess it’s her turn now to get the spotlight.
I couldn’t get any more accurate picture to represent her than the one you see above. The woman literally has two characters!
Let me clear it out for you, she is British with a Saudi citizenship which leaves us with the British Heather and the Saudi A.J and I have to deal with them as one person and that’d be my boss!
Heather is a fun loving person and a dork in a very “Michael Scott” way. (for those who don’t know who is he, he is the boss in “The Office” .

I’ll post an episode later as a clarification for this post) actually a little quick comparison won’t hurt..
Michael Scott and Heather are the same… exactly how??

Well, they both seem to confuse working with YouTubing which leads them to spend their work hours doing a good job working very hard on Youtube.

They both love any music produced by any black people thinking that they are the coolest creatures ever existed.

They both say the dorkiest things ever like “see ya later alligator”, or just shoot a comment during a completely irrelevant conversation (like the legendary line of Michael “that’s what she said”) which by mere chance could turn out to be a hilarious joke or most of the times could end up making no sense at all.
check out this video loooooool

I think that they both are the only managers in the world who search jokes on the internet just to add a fun twist to a meeting, not to mention their way of holding a meeting!

that's what Michael said to Toby when he ruined a fun thing he was doing and I just could swear that Heather said the same thing in her mind to our wet blanket Nelly when she had such a dramatic meltdown during a "fun" meeting!

The Saudi Heather aka “A.J” could perfectly fit in Taliban. The way she acts around Saudi men is unbelievable! She tries too hard to show respect that she almost bows while talking to them. It’s too humiliating to watch that it makes me sick.

And she would make a very good example of a real life Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons” specially the hand gesture while being thoughtful of a serious issue.


Errant said...

That's hilarious .. but .. Damn .. Thank God I'm not your boss .. or I'll be under microscope that way your bosses are .. lol