Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas-Goth !

Ok I’m not much of a weddings lover but I had to attend my uncle’s wedding and it is very important to point out that it was on Christmas eve…
Ok we’re Muslims and Christmas isn’t our thing, we don’t celebrate it and all but I was surprised to see how the christmas spirit was really there in that wedding… how was it there? This is what this post is all about!

Of course when I got there with my mom and sisters my mom insisted that we step by a table where some relative are setting just to say hi and all.. ok we’re heading towards the table but am spotting something weird there .. WTF is that thing on the chair?? I ask my sis, and for my surprise she answers “that’s my uncle’s wife !! WHAT you don’t recognize her??” (other uncle's wife)
Ok , seriously !! a Goth called asking for the missing ornament from the top of his Christmas tree!!
I’ve never seen anyone in my whole life combining Christmas with Goth styles so successfully! She was wearing a red velvet dress the shape of the tree>> sooo christmasy !!
The dress has these black lace sleeves and a couple of black velvet stripes . accessorizing herself , she chose to wear a big black bead necklace. The makeup was just black eyeshadow with a touch of red the shape of a bird wing and black lipstick>>> sooo Goth!!

Here’s a portrait of the dress and necklace just to make it clear .. and please don’t think that am a lousy drawer , it really looks this hideous!

Really she should consider a job as a Halloween stylist .. I mean she’s got it!!

Then there was that guest , she was wearing these exact same shoes in gold!

Ok , you think you’ve seen these shoes before?? Yeah you’re right , they’re Elf shoes.. if you don’t believe me you can see for yourself. Here’s a pic of a Christmas card with a drawing of elf shoes. You can’t miss the resemblance , can you?!

the girl was doing these shocking crazy dance moves, i guess its the elf shoes magic lol


Nani_37 said...

I hear that weddings here are really more like clown gatherings .. but never have i heard of a bride wearing black lipstick -_- .. nothing wrong with it in other settings but not in a wedding dude

Ego said...

what u heard is 100% correct!

and she's not the bride , she's a guest.. my other uncle's wife. i guess i didnt make that clear :)

and nani.. black lipstick is wrong anytime, anywhere! :D

Yawarakai said...
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Yawarakai said...

hahahaha,, that was funny! i once went to a wedding where the bride had a dress with a picture of the Monalisa on it!!! i KID U NOT!!
I thought i hated weddings.. but since i haven't been back in Saudi for a while i realise just how entertaining they are!!

Nani_37 said...

LOL i really need to work on my concentration ability .. i can't believe i thought she was the brie LOL that's funny

Ego said...

yawaraki .. mashalla our weddings are far more entertaining that a stand up comedy show! so ahen u come back dont miss the weddings u get invited to cuz you'd be going through a huge culture shock and you'll need the laughs :)

nani.. ur concentration is just fine :D

أبو سنان said...

Wow, I love your blog design. I am a Western guy married to a Saudi lady. I grew up in the punk/goth scene in the US and Europe.

We did everything Goth....weddings, funerals, parties, you name it.